Welcome to our blog! 

We are three sisters separated by many states. We get together once a year for a "Sister Weekend," cramming in a year's worth of baking, shopping, discussions, and reflections on daily life. For the remaining 360 days of the year, we have this blog.

Hi, I'm Maria. 

I'm the oldest, the shortest, and the most indecisive of the three. I live in a suburb of Houston with my husband and three young children. I started baking when I was young and quickly got hooked on the satisfaction that comes from making a delicious dessert. I took up cooking only when I got married, and what started as a solution to a very tight budget and a basic need for nourishment has matured into something more sophisticated: a creative outlet; an exploration of different cuisines; an education in techniques and flavors; a formation of young (sometimes picky) palates; and, perhaps most importantly, a social outreach. Nothing brings people out of themselves and into community so much as food. Sit down to family dinner every night and you're not only nourishing their tummies but also their hearts and minds. Bring muffins to a friend's house and she feels pampered. Invite people over for dinner and you've welcomed them into your life. 

Sarah here. 

I'm the middle sister. My husband and I live just south of Denver, Colorado. We have two daughters, Catherine and Frances, who fill our lives to the brim with joy and adventure (and who definitely challenge us in our pursuit of a clean and orderly home!). I love to host parties. What I love most about hosting is setting an atmosphere that invites visitors to "rest" in the comfort of good food and the company of friends. I also like to write, read, and bake sweet treats. In college I studied literature and classical languages. Now, I work part-time from home writing and editing--something I do to maintain my talents, hone my skills, and use these together to contribute something good to society. 

My name's Sophie. 

I'm the youngest sister. Having never imagined it would be the case, I am a farmer's wife. My husband and I, together with my in-laws, work a half acre literally in our backyard (well, my in-law's backyard to be precise — a bit more here if you’re interested). We grow vegetables and flowers close together with high turn-over rates to reach the land's greatest potential. We are repeatedly in awe of nature's bounty and sell our veggies and flowers at local, year-round farmers' markets. I have two daughters Edith and Maria who give me daily joy. On top of all this, I maintain a love for teaching and acting by being an assistant director to a high school Shakespeare Troupe.

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