Recipe Round-Up: April 2019

Happy end of April! Another month gone by. Easter brought a bustle of baking, and we’re looking forward to continuing the celebration.

from the blog:

All three of us made babka for Easter. Obviously. It’s so amazingly delicious! If you haven’t tried it yet, take advantage of the fifty days of Easter to do so — you won’t regret it! (We’ve also tried chocolate & almond & jam fillings. While tasty, nothing tops the sweet cheese.) — Sophie

Literally every time I am gearing up to make The Carrot Cake I question if it is actually as good as I remember it. It is. EVERY TIME. — Maria

Easter candies were made in abundance this year. Some recipes were updated or new ones were tried (a post for a later date), but the twix-like bars at the top of the list are especially way too good just as they are. — Sophie

After the Easter feasting, beans on toast came through yet again as a lovely, simple, but oh-so-satisfying meal. — Sophie

Last month, Philip and I had an anniversary getaway to Asheville, NC. We tried out the local food “musts” including Biscuit Head. While the toppings were fun and hit the spot, these biscuits are simply better, by a long shot. — Sophie

If you haven’t yet, make the easiest, softest bread. It’s a game changer for how quick and easy it comes together and absolutely perfect for making large hoagie rolls (for steak sandwiches, meatball subs, etc…) along with hamburger and hotdog buns or for enjoying plain. — Sophie

tried & approved:

These turkey zucchini meatballs with sumac yogurt sauce have been tried and approved so many times in my house I can’t even count. They are so good. I usually serve them with pita, tahini sauce, beets, cucumbers, and tomatoes as mediterranean wraps. — Maria

This almond pesto is sort of genius. It is quick and easy and surprisingly simple. I think the secret is the vinegar. It blends the flavors together beautifully with a tang and pop of flavor that verges on addictive. I’ve separated the pesto from the green beans and thrown it on a range of different veggies: pea shoots, sautéed bok choy, leafy greens. Each time, it’s scrumptious. — Sophie

Recently I discovered how easy it is to make your own marzipan. Dangerous discovery. — Sophie

Not usually a mayo fan, I’ve needed it recently for 1,000 Island Dressing and a coconut cake. This recipe has been fail-proof for me so far. Just PLEASE don’t use extra virgin olive oil. The bitterness will make it virtually inedible. Believe me. I know. — Sophie

Don’t judge. These chocolate marshmallow bars are delicious and addictive. I added peanuts and rice krispies for some more sweet-and-salty and texture. — Maria

I recently made a torta caprese, a recipe originating from the island of Capri; it is simple, so good, and gluten-free! (It’s basically a chocolate version of the Spanish Almond Cake Maria shared this week.) — Sarah

This Easter I was looking for a simple prepare-ahead dessert, and went with the classic Joy of Cooking New York Cheesecake. It’s really good: easy to prepare and soooooooo creamy. In the end, I think I prefer the flavor of my old standby, Cook’s Illustrated Foolproof Cheesecake, but like most CI recipes, it’s just ridiculously finicky and involved. MANY in our family continue to prefer Simply Recipe’s perfect cheesecake (although really not a true New York style cheesecake)… honestly, when cheesecake is involved, it’s just hard to go wrong. — Sarah

on our list:

Picnic pie! Time to make another pie. I used a hot water crust pastry over Easter and it was easy and delicious. This pork, chicken, and apricot version looks yum. — Maria

Anything from this (which I was recently gifted :). — Sophie

Toad in the hole. I suspect my kids will love it. — Maria

Captivated by these pink coconut raspberry cookie clouds that are gluten-, flour- and dairy free. — Sarah