Recipe Round-up: July 2019

Summer days. This is when quick & easy meals are a Godsend. When there is no turning on the oven, even better. This is also when I wish I was much more competent at grilling….

from the blog:

Trying to use up the quinoa in my cupboard before our move with this spinach artichoke quinoa bake. This one goes down so easy with the kids. — Maria

This beloved galette recipe made the menu this month, this time topped with a creamy blend of ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan. Think ravioli or tortellini filling within a pastry crust. Topped with some kohlrabi and potatoes (or what you have on hand), it is luxurious. I used the crust again later in the month and topped with a thin smear of jam and thinly sliced apples tossed with a few tablespoons of sugar, about a teaspoon of cinnamon, and a pinch of salt. It was the easiest and one of the most satisfying pie-like desserts I’ve ever made. — Sophie

Wanting a meatless, potato based meal that was low-maintenance brought this soup recipe to mind. Easy and satisfying, and the aroma of the garlic browning in butter is maddening. — Sophie

Sugar drop cookies with oil continue to be one of the easiest, most popular desserts I make. They’re a true stand-by recipe that I can take out and whip up in under an hour. — Maria

tried & approved:

This 5-minute Malaysian bread via food52. Almost like a savory crepe, this paired perfectly with pork skewers and dipping sauce. — Maria

These 3 ingredient almond crackle cookies. Ooohh I can’t rave about these enough. They are almost unbelievable. Crispy and light and crunchy and sweet and SO EASY. - Maria

This beef & cabbage stir-fry is dang tasty and pretty easy to whip up. One note: the cabbage always seems to take longer than the allotted 10 minutes. We like to finish ours with a couple tablespoons of coconut aminos which gives the dish a wonderful sweet, savory dimension. — Sophie

Having an abundance of cherry tomatoes on hand, this roasted cherry tomato sauce helped put a dent in the surplus. The sweetness and flavor of the tomatoes, caramelized and intensified by roasting, literally bursts with minimal additional seasoning required. Plus, a generous hand with the olive oil for roasting gives the sauce a silken creaminess. Delicious! — Sophie

on our list:

I tried a similar one from The King Arthur’s Baking Companion, but want to give clafoutis (pronounced ????) another go. Have you ever had one? The texture and taste is so unique. It was much enjoyed, but now that I have more of a sense of what it is, I want to make a few adjustments. — Sophie

I’ve been trying to keep my menus pretty simple these days, but I’ve been wanting to make this cherry frangipane tart for a while now. I’ve been enjoying cherries straight from the bag but after two weeks of non-stop cherry it might be time for something baked. - Maria