recipe round-up: june 2019

With summer heat in full swing, we’ve been noticing a switch in what looks appealing. Warm, cozy comfort food isn’t nearly as enticing as fresh, bright meals that require minimal oven time. Here are some recent bakes & makes and new recipes we are eyeing.

from the blog:

Summertime cues all things BBQ so I’ve turned to this beef sandwich recipe more than once the last couple months. Last time, I paired it with Maria’s honey cornmeal hamburger buns…delicious! — Sophie

The kitchen was empty a recent lunch ago, and we had farm helpers to feed as well. I remembered this frittata recipe which is easy to whip up and almost universally enjoyed. Potatoes and onions were on hand along with some Swiss cheese. I mean, how can eggs and potatoes ever go wrong? — Sophie

Making these tortillas recently, they rolled out larger and thinner (without sticking) than they ever have. The range dough can take even following the same recipe baffles me, but I wonder if using this flour was the reason. Besides that, I used our well water, table salt, baking powder, and olive oil. — Sophie

Tried out our Yogurt Cake with a caramelized pineapple Aussie-style yogurt. Topped with a lime glaze, it was sweet, deeply flavored, tangy and soooooo good. — Sarah

tried & approved:

This southwestern pulled brisket is full of flavor and gives Chipotle a serious run for its money. Plus, it is so easy! Good slow cooker meals are life savers. — Sophie

How to make a cheap cut of beef taste like a really good steak? Follow this recipe for London Broil. We like to heat it thinly sliced on the easiest softest bread shaped into large sub rolls. Add some mayo, mustard, cheese, and other toppings of choice (pickles, onions, peppers), they are way too good. — Sophie

Recently I’ve been making these banana muffins (the ripe bananas in the freezer are getting out of control). Topped with a double batch of the streusel from our Pear Spice muffins, these are simply amazing. — Sarah

on our list:

Boston Baked Beans. YES PLEASE! — Sophie

This Greek herb pie (NYT) or this one since fresh herbs are bursting in the garden and being paired with feta and filo sounds so refreshing and delicious. — Sophie

This method for roasting up crispy, non-mushy asparagus looks promising! — Sarah

Ahhh these curry-scented grilled beef lettuce wraps look so fresh and so perfect for summer. — Sarah

A friend sent over rave reviews of this Swedish Chocolate Cake and I’m drooling. The pictures are gorgeous and it looks so easy. Can’t wait to try it! — Sarah

I’m also drooling over David Lebovitz’s Chocolate Coconut “Candy Bar” cake. — Sarah