Recipe Round-up: September 2019

September is a great month for baking and cooking. I love the squeezing in of summery recipes I didn’t get around to earlier and the slow trickle of cooler days that let you start dipping into comforting, cozy favorites. Here are the notables from our homes and ones we are itching to try in October.

from the blog:

Sent my husband off to his yearly camping trip with slices of this vanilla and chocolate angel food cake. I’ve tried it cow patterned and marbled, but went this time for vanilla on top and chocolate on bottom. Just as delicious as I remembered! I forgot how easy it is to whip up. Plus, a great way to use up those 12 whites I had leftover from making an ice cream birthday cake. — Sophie

We’ve had knish once a week for the past month because my son needs a packable dinner to take to soccer and you just can’t find a better portable dinner. Whenever I cook sausage during the week I always set aside some and freeze some to use in my knish. More protein and more flavor! And no, one is sick of them yet. — Maria

It might be hot and humid still in Houston but that didn’t prevent me from making this ratatouille and serving it with a red-wine braised pork roast and semolina gnocchi. It was hearty and delicious and just perfect for those cold winter days that we are dreaming about. — Maria

tried & approved:

A handful of near-spoiling nectarines and peaches led me to these peach shortbread bars. The recipe was straightforward and super tasty. I followed comments on the lack of peach flavor and upped the amount to 5. BUT, as I lost a fair amount from cutting out overly rotten parts, it was likely closer to 3-4 good condition peaches. I also cut my peaches in thicker, 1/4in slices. Next time, I would keep the same amount of peaches but cut them closer to 1/8in and squeeze them in very, very tightly, even layering if needed. — Sophie

This recipe, Simply Recipes’ Baked Spaghetti, is a time and again hit in my house. Easier and (dare I say) yummier than lasagna. — Maria

Are you a Philadelphia style or custard based ice cream lover? I’m definitely the latter — my ideal ice cream is thick with some chew, perfected in New England (specifically at Rota Springs, if you ask me) but also almost a sure thing in good gelato. While my homemade ice cream isn’t at such lofty heights yet, these recipes don’t disappoint (and with added alcohol to keep them softer, make good candidates for ice cream cake): mint chocolate chip and coffee bourbon chocolate chip. — Sophie

Brownie recipes are a debated subject between us three, but these Supernatural Brownies from Hummingbird High are my favorite. They’re so deeply chocolately and fudgy and yummy. The biggest problem with them is how not to eat the entire pan. — Maria

A relative had an abundance of eggplant which she shared along with this recipe for red sauce, meatballs, and eggplant. It was delicious! And easy. Since it was just my husband, my two toddlers, and me, I decided to hide the eggplant by immersion blending them into the sauce. It added a depth of flavor and an earthier hue, but if cooking for more adults, I’d stick with the original recipe. — Sophie

on our list:

A lot of my recipe to-do’s are in my cookbooks but I’ve still stacked up quite a few online. Not least of which is this fig newton recipe, this green pea veggie burger, and this cake, because it’s my birthday. — Maria

Brown butter rice krispie treats are impossibly delicious and have been a favorite for years. I’m dying to know whether these ultra-homemade ones can live up to the idol. — Sophie