looks we like: may

Because it’s May, and I’ve been thinking eagerly about packing away the cashmere and boots in favor of flowing floral dresses, billowing tops, and bright prints, I thought this time around it’d be fun to “dress” from head to toe in some exciting summer looks.

Humor me, please, because snow and chilly temps have been in the forecast and I. Just. Can’t.


espadrilles everything please! except when you need something more practical, in which case, hand me some solid birkies, or a fresh pair of sneakers (bonus points for completing the look with slouch socks).


I haven’t even thought about anklets since middle school. Something about these grown-up iterations seems so nostalgic and yet so now.


My sister-in-laws have been kindly - patiently - teaching me how to sew. Even thought I’m a painful newbie in this foreign-to-me domestic business, I felt shockingly liberated after sewing my first seam, even with all the hand-holding. So much so, that I recently thriftily turned down a discounted J. Crew elastic-waisted skirt I’ve been eyeing in various colors and fabrics for years with the thought that I could just sew it. I really don’t know if this project is within the scope of my present or near-future abilities, but it’s refreshing to find the internet flooded with tutorials (look here and here and similar here).


jeans to try, or try-on, this season: Levi’s Wedgie fit. Essentially the classic 501s with feminine allure.


this printed wrap dress is every bit as dreamy as you could wish; once you’ve got it on, you’ll know why the sales associate said it was their “most popular dress” this season.


as the cooler temperatures remain obstinate, especially in the mornings & evenings, here are some inspirations for breathing the life of spring into your outfits while still keeping the cold at bay.


I love a bold lip, but I can’t bother with the maintaining of it. My reliable fall-back is a drugstore lip stain, like the Covergirl Outlast or the Revlon Just Bitten. They deliver a subtle color that fades naturally—no need for emergency touch-ups. Lately I’ve been loving Mellow’s matte liquid lip paint (Barcelona looks just right for Spring). It delivers a powerful punch of longer-lasting color that wears throughout the day with a natural-looking fade.


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